Hurricane Preparation

Phillips Management Group’s top priority at this time is the safety of our residents and our property management teams across the Southeast during this weather-related crisis.

While the projected path of Hurricane Irma remains uncertain, steps have been taken to prepare our communities and to help our residents and teams prepare for the storm.

Please stay tuned to local news and weather information in your area for the most up to date information regarding this powerful storm and follow instructions provided by law enforcement and other emergency services personnel.

If a mandatory evacuation is ordered in your area, please evacuate accordingly. Residents who do not evacuate when a mandatory evacuation is ordered face greater uncertainty and possible threats, as emergency services (police, fire and rescue) may not be available in situations of peril. Additionally, apartment community operations will cease in the event of a mandatory evacuation, including emergency maintenance services, and communication may be challenging or impossible. In preparation for the storm and the possibility of mandatory evacuations, please remember to take the following steps:

-Close and lock doors and windows.

-Turn off and unplug electronic devices.

-Bring patio furnishings indoors (including furniture, potted plants, and other décor.

-When possible, move valuables and other property to the highest level of your home. If you reside in a single level, ground floor home, consider placing these items on a high shelf or cabinet whenever possible.

-Remember to take your pets and pet food/supplies with you (including kennels, leashes, any pet medications and important vet records).

-Remember to take important personal documents (especially documents related to insurance, medical and banking information), medications, communication devices (cell phones, tablets, computers, weather radios, etc.) and their chargers with you.

-Do not return to your home until the area is declared safe for re-entry by emergency personnel.

This emergency notification blog should not be your primary source of news and information. We will provide relevant periodic updates to the extent possible; however, local news, weather and related emergency broadcast systems will remain your best sources for accurate and updated information regarding the storm.